Whether you have a need for limited services or are seeking a single source solution, we provide a comprehensive range of services including:


• IT Asset Disposition that includes:

          Packaging & Palletizing

          De-Installation and Removal

          On-site Data Destruction (if required)

          Regularly Scheduled Pick-ups at your Office/Location or Loading Dock

          Caging and Secure Bins for a Continual Rotation of Regularly Scheduled Pick-ups

          Transparent tracking and reporting of assets

          Unrecoverable Data Destruction

          Refurbishment for Re-Use

          Remarketing that Obtains the Highest Value Recovery

          Recycling End of Life Materials


• Other Electronics and Manufactured Products

          Non-ITAD Corporate Equipment

          Consumer Electronics

          Medical Equipment

          Retail Returns

          Retail and Manufacturer Surplus Inventory


• Programs for Employees and/or Community

          Employee Engagement

          Community Outreach

          Package and Ship

          On-Site Trucks and Labor



How to learn more 


The process is simple, contact us at info@virescentintl.com and you will be contacted by a member of our team to begin the conversation.  Our strategic team attends weekly “think tank” sessions to discuss the ever growing needs of each client served. Each team member has an average of 35+ years as industry leaders covering a wide spectrum of corporate and consumer goods and services. Dependent on the genre of need, a dedicated team leader will be assigned that understands your industry and can simplify and minimize your administrative time.

Virescent provides client-partners a single source solution to accommodate all of their retired asset needs

Single Source