Our Mission

We provide turn-key e-waste solutions for our client-partners while adhering to our core values of environmental responsibility, data security, and long term sustainability

Environmental Responsibility—Exporting e-waste, primarily to developing countries where safety regulations are not in place or not observed, is a global epidemic. It is reported 90% of world’s electronic waste is illegally dumped! Electronics burned at low temperatures contain the most toxic components known to humankind and e-waste components allowed to sit in landfills leech toxins into the soil and groundwater.  This harm to the environment and humanity is why we have a zero landfill policy. We are an Upcycle driven company with processes that keep equipment and parts up the life cycle through the re-use of whole units or parts while efficiently and safely recycling end of life equipment here in the United States.


Data Security— We make sure your company's data is secure. Our non-recoverable data destruction wiping appliances are in accordance with DoD, HIPAA, NSA, and NIST guidelines. Transparent serialized audit reporting and data destruction certificates provide peace of mind that data is never compromised.


Long Term Sustainability—We are relationship driven and understand that each client-partner has a unique set of needs and compliance requirements. We take the time to listen, learn and customize solutions that are sustainable for long term growth. Our research team keeps us up-to-date on our client-partners' regulatory compliance requirements and its research on the upcycling and electronics recycling markets allows us to continually maximize the economic return for each client-partner.



For more information please contact us at info@virescentintl.com or call us at 603-842-5606