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Julie Shane

Founder, Chairwoman & CEO

Julie received her bachelors degree in 1986 from Roger Williams University. Julie is a successful and experienced entrepreneur. She has distinguished herself as an innovative thinker, offering products and solutions throughout the sectors of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, healthcare, asset management, consulting, and real estate.  Julie continually builds alliances and partnerships to advance positive social and environmental goals.

Prior to founding Virescent, Causes International and before a hiatus to raise her three children, Julie created JBY Real Estate, Inc. of Brookline, Massachusetts - An asset management company, which Julie headed as Founder, President & CEO from 1990 to 1996.  JBY Real Estate provided major lending institutions and quasi governmental agencies a "one stop clearing house" approach to maintaining, managing and selling their portfolios of post-auction acquisitions during the fall of the real estate market in the late 1980’s - mid 90’s. Julie created, managed and supervised a network of nearly 1,100 professionals nationwide.

Seeing the various institutional needs for consultations prior to the foreclosure buybacks, Julie founded R.E.V.N.(Real Estate Valuations Nationwide, Inc.) of Brookline, Massachusetts – A consulting company for lending institutions/quasi governmental agencies pre-foreclosure from 1990-1996. In 1999, while attending to her first two children, Julie started CareMasters, Inc. of Newton Centre, Massachusetts which provided both long - and short-term home health care to the elderly.  Julie created a network of caring and devoted women to serve the local community by providing assistance to the elderly in need of home health-aid support.  After a successful launch and growth period, the company was sold in 2001. Future Visions, Inc. of Newton Centre, Massachusetts - A consulting company she co-founded and ran from 1999 – 2010. Future Visions was created during her early years of starting a family and was a company that focused on families.  Future Visions was an organization that provided goods and services, quality of life and the platform for bringing the two together.

Julie’s most recent venture prior to Virescent, was Causes International, Inc.  Causes was created (and operates today) to bring awareness to the populace about the harms of improper e-Waste disposal and cater to the individual consumer or organization, who want to properly upcycle small electronics to create charitable giving.   The company at its onset offered organizations a tool for their donor outreach to mail in qualified small devices in support of a non-profit or cause.

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