Virescent, a Single Source Design and Manufacturing Solution

Virescent Int’l, Inc. (VI) provides no-cost, safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible upcycle solutions that minimize

environmental impact and maximize revenue returns for our client-partners.


Our team strategically develops e-waste solutions based on the unique needs of each client-partner. Our client-partners range from Fortune 100 Companies to local governments and small businesses. Environmental responsibility and security are at the core of our corporate mission. Our no-landfill policy ensures your e-waste will be efficiently and safely reused or recycled. We ensure your data is secure. Our data wiping appliances are DoD, HIPAA, and NIST compliant, and provide piece of mind for our client-partners.


We dedicate our vast product knowledge and processing experience to eliminate risks associated with data security and disposal compliance. Whether Upcycled in its entirety, de-manufactured and processed as sub-assemblies, or recycled for the materials intrinsic value, VI simultaneously provides the maximum return, as well as the proper disposition, of retired assets. VI simplifies the take-out and recovery of your excess equipment and systems and customizes solutions  in accordance to client partner requirements, thereby enabling them to securely:


  • Safeguard Sensitive Information

  • Eliminate Recycling Expenses

  • Incorporate Sustainable Upcycling/Recycling to maintain the environment and safeguard natural resources

  • Ensure Environmental Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensure Hazardous Waste is Not Land-filled